Duck with a Dick

Duck with a Dick

When ducks are swimming in a pond, we never see what they are doing under the surface. Well this toy has accurately portrayed what’s going on down there; the drakes have massive erections because they are perving on the ducks.

The reason why we don’t see their boners is because they tuck them back into their bodies when they get out of the water to not make us humans jealous about how big their penises are compared to their bodies. True story.

If you put this toy in a pond full of ducks, the females will be all over that well-endowed drake like it had a loaf of bread. Another true story.

Or you could take it into the bath with you and have your own fun with it. But if you do, make sure to put a condom on its penis as there have been stories of drakes getting humans pregnant. Yup, you guessed it, completely true.

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