Gentlemen's Ball Scratcher

Gentlemen's Ball Scratcher

This gift is technically for the balls but it can still be used on the penis as well and it’s such a great invention that we had to add it to the site.

It’s ideal for when you love to scratch or play with your penis (not in a sexual way) while lounging on the sofa watching a movie and eating crisps but don’t want to keep running to the bathroom to wash your hands.

It’s also great for when your mate has asked you to scratch his balls for him because his hands are too busy playing Fifa or scratching another guy’s balls with his own hands.

The ball scratcher is such a versatile tool and can be used for more than just scratching your personal bits: buy two of them and they make lifting heavy boxes much easier and better for your back; use them for swimming and you’ll glide through the water at amazing speeds like a dolphin; if you’re a surgeon, using these ball scratchers as a replacement for your own hands will improve precision and help you save many more lives.

These are just a few examples of how the ball scratcher can be used. We’re sure you can think of many more uses for it.

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